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What is the cost to replace Vibram soles on hiking boots?

Danner Acadia boots size 12

What is the cost to replace Vibram soles on hiking boots?
I would recommend getting a climbing magazine, and checking out all the ads for people who do resole shoes. (for example rubber room) Get a hold of the company and get an estimate.

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Can anyone tell me where to buy a decent pair of hiking boots and a north face jacket without paying too much?

I want to avoid ebay as its littered with fraudsters and I need to really go and try on stuff so it needs to be some sort of retail store or factory outlet establishment. I found a lot of the high street stores a bit samey and they dont stock the trendier items for walkers and what they do have is really expensive.

The jacket i need is waterproof and lightweight for using when i cycle as well, and the boots leather (timberland style) rather than the trainer type ones.

I%26#039;m based in south east of England btw.

Can anyone tell me where to buy a decent pair of hiking boots and a north face jacket without paying too much?
try PricerunnerUK, its a comparison site and they should point you in the right direction
Reply:You can buy them from

hiking boot -

north face jacket -
Reply:Well, it sounds like you want to goto a cheap store to get the things - I think that it is wrong to go to a shop, try things on and then order them online when you have figured out what you want.

There are loads of shops in London if you want to try there -try the normal Blacks and Millets (millets wont do North Face), or try stores like Ellis Binghams. You could try the running shops too - like she run he runs in Bluewater - some NF jackets there that are lightweight and waterproof, though not walking boots

You can get the walking boots in many shops - pick ones that look well made and fit wel
Reply:Have you looked in Millets/Blacks?

I know the first one accepts YHA and NUS cards.

Ring them up and ask if they have any factory outlets

Millets: Daily Orderline 8am-10pm 0800 389 5861

Blacks: 0800 66 54 10 (8am-10pm).

Just seen that the Blacks website has a clearance on right now.

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Where is the best place to buy hiking boots in San Antonio?

I don%26#039;t want the cheapest boots and I want a place that will fit me, not a %26quot;big box%26quot; store.

Where is the best place to buy hiking boots in San Antonio?
Calvender Boot City. The one I%26#039;m most familiar with is located on Fourwind Dr.

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How do I keep my leather hiking boots waterproof?

My boots are Gore-Tex lined., but I need to know how to keep the outside leather also waterproof.

How do I keep my leather hiking boots waterproof?
You can buy a spray that makes them waterproof at a shoe store or shoe department in Sears or JCPenney.
Reply:Spray them with waterproof can...
Reply:Real leather should be rubbed with %26quot;DUBBIN%26quot; regularly and particularly after the boots have been cleaned following a walk or hike to make and keep the boots both waterproof and soft and supple. It is by far the best product for this application. Available from any good shoe store or cobbler.

happy hiking ;) H
Reply:Timberland makes a protector that you can put on them
Reply:silicone spray . comes in a can and is marketed by different companies . most if not all shoe stores or dept.s have this spray as well as polish and so on.
Reply:there are several kinds of waterproofing chemicals you can apply to leather. Are your hiking boots leather? You can find these at most sporting good stores and certainly hiking/backpacking specialty stores as well as walmart. I ordered mine online through Campmor. $2.99

If you don%26#039;t have leather hiking boots buy ones with Gore-Tex. Make sure you understand the difference between water resistant and water proof.
Reply:While the silicone sprays will make them waterproof, mink oil will make them last forever and stay supple, as well. I usually warm the oil, not the boots, until it is clear liquid, then rub it in well. You can carry silicone spray with you on the hikes, but if your boots are well-oiled, you won%26#039;t need it. Save it for the TENT!
Reply:Most shoe stores sell products that are made just for this. Most of them contain a silicone spray. If you are in a situation, where you can%26#039;t get to a shoe store, various things can be used as temporary fix. Lard, butter, or some cooking oils, will work, but if you are not planning to go hiking in woods immediately, I%26#039;d suggest that you wait and vist a shoe store.
Reply:stay out of the water correct....mink oil...

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How can i dry my hiking boots overnight?

i work washing trucks for 2 hours a day. it is starting to get very cold out there too. so what can i do to keeep my boots from beeing already wet when i begin work?

How can i dry my hiking boots overnight?
put it near the heaterr ;D
Reply:stick them upside down over the heater

or use a blow dryer

or put them in front of a space heater
Reply:place them upright, on the hot/cold water pipes of the water heater

the low heat will dry them

you can go with the other things where you pay 40 buck or so for a thing that sends hot hair up a tube that holds your boots, but why

my dad did this when I was a kid

i still use it if my boots are wet,

it works
Reply:use a hair dryer it works for me
Reply:------1 amayzzing ways ok first -get ur boots, then fill up a bath tub 2parts water 7 parts gasoline. fill each boot up to the top with ur amayzzing concoction, let sit for 3 hours then light witha match. there ya go happy trails--------
Reply:If you have an airing cupboard, then they should go in there.
Reply:Try putting them in front of a vent, or radiator in your house. (If you have your heat on that is.)
Reply:dryer all night long
Reply:Upside down on the heat vent.


What are some key brand hiking boots?

I%26#039;m going on a geology field camp program next summer for five weeks.

What are some good boots that retail for about $75-$125.

I know I want something with a shank and non-skid soles since we are doing a little bit of bouldering and climbing (very limited).

We will be in West Texas with lots of snakes and cactus, so I need something pretty tough.

What are some other brands like the Lacrosse Quads. I really like these but my selection on ebay is very limited.

Can you give me a list of 5 or 6 brands and styles you like?

Also I like to read reviews on Amazon or other sites, so if you know of these too that is a bonus.

Thank everyone!

What are some key brand hiking boots?
No one%26#039;s mentioned Vasque boots yet; generally considered the Cadillac of hiking boots, but pricey. I have a pair of the moderately priced Claion GTX%26#039;s, with the goretex in the uppers. They%26#039;re lke 8-10 years old, but not a lot of mileage on them. I%26#039;d chose Merrell as a second choice. I%26#039;ve seen the Caterpillars, but never bought any.. I%26#039;m sure Red Wing makes some that will fit the bill also. Carhart also.

Good luck with your boot chase, and make sure you have 10-15 miles in them for break in purposes, even if it%26#039;s just walking around the local high school track. Many times your sock and liner sock are as important as the boot you wear. Despite it being summer, find a lightweight merino wool sock(Smartwool, etc.) and a silk,coolmax, or quianna liner thin sock for maximum breathability and maximum protection from blisters. there%26#039;s also a product out called Body Glide which looks like a deoderant stick which applied to the feet before a long hike, will help with the friction points. It also helps with the crotch rot and armpit chafing. have fun.

Reply:Timberland brand has been around forever. They must be good. Red Wing and Nike also make them. They both have websites.
Reply:Two great pairs are Ecco and Merrell. I prefer the Merrell because they tend to be more comfortable for my wide feet, the Eccos however are totally leather and waterproof. Both makes use shanks in the sole and have non-slip soles as well.
Reply:red wings or caterpillars are each great
Reply:CAT boots. Caterpillar Equipment. Great boots.

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How can i dry my hiking boots overnight?

i work washing trucks for 2 hours a day. it is starting to get very cold out there too. so what can i do to keeep my boots from beeing already wet when i begin work?

How can i dry my hiking boots overnight?
Set them in front of a floor fan all night.:)
Reply:dry them as good as you can with hand towels stuck inside them.after a while turn them sideways and turn a fan on.hope it works.i dry my athletic shoes by ceiling fan.
Reply:Use a hair dryer. You%26#039;ll be done in a few minutes. Don%26#039;t put it in the boot because you can burn out the motor.
Reply:I use to stand the boots upside down on the heating vents,they will dry overnight and you can also buy a plastic tray for them and you can dry gloves and boots it sits right on the heat register.
Reply:Dry then as good as you can with paper towels and then lay them down in front of your refrigerator. The heat coming from the cooling fan usually does a good job. I dry gym shoes there after washing them and they dry overnight. Good luck.
Reply:The best thing to do is to make a trip to your local second-hand or thrift store and find yourself a pair of rubber boots. I found a pair, almost new, for five dollars at a Salvation Army store.

Barring that, dry your hiking boots by unlacing them completely, placing them upside down over a floor vent, and turning on your furnace%26#039;s fan, only. Heated air, while better at drying, will soon ruin leather, canvas, or plastic.
Reply:well i guess it;s a little too late but i always dry mine on the way home with the heater in my truck i set it so it only blows on the floor and if you are at home the heat from your home should be enough to dry the boots
Reply:i agree w/ k h i dry my that way .the air dryer is the best
Reply:Good job to you out there working at the sharp end of things. I live in an area where Northern Sales have stores, and sell a device where you can upend your damp boots onto a heated coil and they%26#039;ll be dry in the ayem. If you don%26#039;t have the luxury of that sort of gear (about $35.) I%26#039;d suggest stuffing your boots with dry rolled up newspaper in the short term.

Also for the duration of this washing trucks gig, trim down carrier bags so that you can fit your foot + sock in and then into boot. I%26#039;m not talking 35 gallon bags but something smaller. Even the sort of shopping bag you get from your local store will work. It may have a couple of holes in it, but way hey it will keep you from getting trench foot.